a theatre like no other

A home thetare that surpasses the cineplex and keeps you spell bound.


Home theatre decor

Kongs home theatre makes you to experience real feel of cinema from your home, while you are wrapped in comfort, on your reclining chair. Kongs home theater create the cinema experience. And a surround system can create a complete audio environment around you. We help to build your sound dreams.

Home theatre equipments

Video projector, AV receiver, Speaker. Our careful system design transforms into a beautiful home theatre, result that integrates into your fantabulous home cinema. The combination of our Av receiver, speaker, sound system and the projector gives you the fantabulous fell when the lights off and movie starts simultaneously and music swells in your mind. This is the home theatre experience with kongs.


Home theatre engineering

Kongs engineers are globally trained and well known in home theatre engineering. Simply playing movie in home theatre doesn’t make any sense. There is beauty in experiencing home theatre in your home. With kongs home theater you can enjoy the reality of cinema without any distraction. You can feel free to express your idea to our well trained experts. They will design according to your style and uniqueness.

We’re ready when you are

(Your options are limited only in your minds not in kongs home theatre.)

We take full responsibility of the media room experience from start to end. From electric wiring, to sound proof and carpentry work, we will make it simple and get it done. We can wire your entire apartment and house. We offer the entire pack of services, from consulting to wiring and interiors. Our trained employee will guide you through all the aspects with patience.